99% of Americans have Death Only "Life Insurance".


ONLY 1% have Life Insurance With Living Benefits.

Medical hardships & the bills that follow are the #1 cause of:

Bankruptcies = 62%

Foreclosures = 50%

Small business failures = 48%

Affordable Living Benefits allow policyholders to access up to 75%-90% of a term or permanent life insurance Death Benefit. Living benefit funds when you need it most!

It's a Game-Changer!

Death Only life insurance does not truly protect you, your family, your business or your finances. Living Benefits life insurance policies provide true protection.

Access death benefits from a term or permanent life insurance policy following a heart attack, cancer, stroke, critical injury or other critical, chronic, or terminal illnesses?

Critical illnesses and the bills that follow cause 62% of the bankruptcies in the United States. Living Benefits may save your health, your home, your business and your finances.

YES! I understand the value and knew the moment I saw Living Benefits. This is the best option for myself and my family. I'm ready to take the next steps to obtaining a Living Benefits policy.

Living Benefits 101 - How Do Living Benefits Work?

Affordable Life Insurance with Living Benefits, Largest innovation in the life insurance industry

Living Benefits Claims Testimonials

Cornelia Steinberg

Colon Cancer Survivor - Received $300,000

Her world came to a screeching halt after a colon cancer diagnosis. Cornelia had medical insurance that covered the chemo and the doctors, but it did't cover her mortgage, groceries, her daughter's school tuition or anything else - Medical insurance didn't pay her bills. An affordable Living Benefits life insurance policy saved her finances and allowed Cornelia to follow her dream.

Elizabeth Martinez Genova

Cancer - Received $239,000

Living her life to the fullest, Elizabeth served in the military, graduated law school, raised a wonderful son, and spent her spare time traveling the world and exploring different countries and cultures. Elizabeth saw the value in an affordable Living Benefits life insurance and put a policy in place for herself. That decision would prove to be one of the best choices she ever made.

Heilyn Hernandez Pages

Major Burn Survivor - Received $425,000

Doused in gasoline and set on fire, the attack left her with severe burns covering her body. As the sole provider for her household, income dropped to zero. Heilyn was able to avoid financial ruin by accelerating $425,000 from her affordable Living Benefits life insurance policy after nine months of coverage.

Joelma Dias

Stroke - Received $54,212

After a stroke, Joelma was in intensive care for four days and hospitalized for almost a month. Joelma worried about her health and worried about her bills, but when she got the check from her affordable Living Benefits life insurance policy she couldn't believe it. She was ecstatic! She had made the right decision.

What's Next?

How Do I Apply For Living Benefits...

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    Hang with the family, hit up a concert, run a 5k...

    Each Living Benefits life insurance company has their own internal underwriting process and timeline. For the next one to three weeks on average, do what you would normally do until your personalized offer is ready.

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    If a major medical event strikes, you can rest confidently knowing you have options and financial resources to pursue them. T'was a good day when you said YES to Life Insurance with affordable Living Benefits!


    Now we just need to help the other 325,000,000 Americans get out of that "Death Only" life insurance stuff. . . 


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Who's a Perfect Candidate for Living Benefits?

Here are the types of people who should seriously consider applying for an affordable living benefits life insurance policy.



I Do'ers

Sand Dune Flippers

Ready for Responsibility

Energetic Generations

Business Owners/Staff

Those Who Shower


Tiny Tots

Animal Lovers


Water Drinkers


Road Trip Takers

Million Dollar Babies

When Should One NOT Apply for Living Benefits?

Since 9 out of 10 Americans could likely file a living benefits claim in their life, these are examples of those who should not apply for an affordable living benefits policy...




The Real Elvis


Rubber Ducks


Avocado Tacos

Frequently Asked Question

Answers to our most common questions

What are Living Benefits?

Who Can Qualify For Living Benefits?

Who Can Access The Money?

Are Living Benefit Payouts Taxable?

Are These Term or Permanent Policies?

How Much Money Could I Access?

What if I Don't Need All Of The Money?

Are Living Benefits a Scam?

Why These Clients Chose Living Benefits

Stephanie Schacht

Estate Planning Lawyer & Death Doula

Stephanie Schacht, one of the best Estate Planning Lawyers in Colorado knows a lot about Life Insurance and other powerful tools needed to support estate plans. Before we met, Stephanie was recommending Death Only policies as she didn't know about Affordable Life Insurance policies with Living Benefits. Fully understanding Living Benefits life insurance, she now Recommends them to all of her clients!

Jordan Youngblade

Money Mindset & Financial Coach

On a Mission to Save your Mind, Body and Wallet, Jordan immediately applied for an affordable Living Benefits life insurance policy the second she learned what it could do for her. Saving $50/m and gaining WAY more coverage than before. "Living Benefits life insurance bridged a huge gap in risk that I've been wanting to cover for many years - It was a No Brainer! I just didn't know it existed before"

Jeff and Lara Romeo

Entrepreneur & Travel Expert - Biologist & Yogi


Jeff is a New Yorker and he is SUPER skeptical about most things - yet after putting me through the ringer, discovering how affordable Living Benefits life insurance was, that it was real and how it could truly help him and his family he decided to get affordable living benefits policies in place for both he and his wife, Lara.

Especially since they're PREGNANT!!!

Stephanie Miller

Private Banker, Photographer, Travel Blogger

Stephanie's been in the Banking/Finance industry for 15+ years. Working with high net worth clients, she has to put EVERYTHING through a fine-toothed comb. Thankfully she did tons of research, pushed and pushed and pushed me to the limits to make sure living benefits life insurance policies were real and affordable! Stephanie Discovered that life insurance with Living Benefits were better than expected, super affordable and now tells everyone she knows.

Or maybe you'd like to chat about a career opportunity?