Community Food Exchange

Save time, money, and stress
Create healthy, whole eating habits
Align with Your community
Reduce food and packaging waste
Share Your Love For Cooking

  • Gather Your People

  • Bring your Jars

  • Connect in the kitchen

  • Change your life

Simple, 4-Step Guide to Launching Your Community Food Exchange

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Here's What the Community Is Saying

There Is A Solution

Results may vary, Consistency in the Community is Key to Success.

Let's work Together, come Join Us!

  • Eat the Way YOU Want To

    Vegan, Paleo, Auto Immune Paleo, Omnivore, Dairy Free, pescetarian, Lectin-Free, Whole 30 - With a Community Everything is Easier!

  • Reach Your Health Goals

    Consistency and Commitment increase with Positive Social Engagement and Social Support.

  • You ARE What You Eat

    It's Not Allll About Exercise - It's what's fueling Your Life.

    Fill Your Body with Healthy, Whole, Organic, Love-Filled, Pasture Raised, Locally Sourced, Sustainable Ingredients - Focus On The Fuel...

  • Connections ARE the Key

    Let's honor the Ceremony and Inspiration that comes with cooking for others. It's like Nothing else. 

    Love is Food and Food is Love.

    To Give and Receive this type of Love from a community You get to create, is a true gift to the world. 

  • Gain Your Life Back

    Learn a system to Save Money, Find Time, Enjoy Food Again, Embrace Simplicity, Align with Like Minded community members, Serve Others.

“I'm loving this group and the delicious, healthy food I get to eat all week! SAVES ME SO MUCH TIME AND ENERGY!” -Brian


Member Since July 2018

“Shopping, Cooking, and Eating with MORE GRATITUDE.

A Big Hug  for the whole week in every aspect of food shopping, preparation and consumption!” - Melanie


Member Since July 2018


Member Since Nov 2018

“I had a habit of GETTING STUCK in the same recipes, doing them over and over again. This is A HUGE WAY to get Variability in My Diet.” - Ashley


Member Since Nov 2018

”THE FOOD IS AWESOME. the People are Fun to hang out with, we Geek Out on what we Love to Eat, and Learn Different Things.” - Pete

Meet the Founders

Change Lives With This One Simple Shift

Community + Healing Food + Love + Repeat

Trevor Mickelson

Co-Founder, Financial Educator

Financial Educator, Full-Time Dad, Safe Money Expert, Advocate for Financial Equality, Healthy Eating Enthusiast, Stroller of the Outdoors

Julia Mickelson

Co-Founder, Toxin-Free Lifestylist

Taste Bud Amplifier, Mom Excellence, Product Researcher, Non-Toxic Life Style Educator, Biggest Smile and Heart Finalist, Lover of Laughter

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