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Eliminate Stress & Debt • Elevate Wealth • Embrace Prosperity

From Passive to Empowered

From Confused to Focused

From Ill Equipped to Capable

Struggling With Your Finances?

  • Still Paycheck To Paycheck?

  • Stressed About The Future?

  • Debt Shackles Too Heavy?

  • Hard To Get Ahead?

  • Overdrafts Happening Often?

  • Retirement Looking Scary?

  • Have a Scarcity Mindset?

  • Perpetuating Lack?

If you earn and spend money... You need this Financial Education and Financial Literacy Course.

Can It Be Better?

You've found yourself wondering why your Life is nothing like you dreamed.

Why are you recreating a pattern of living paycheck to paycheck?

Where Is Your Mind?

You have a scarcity mindset and are struggling to change no matter how hard you try.

Is a quantum shift into abundance possible?

Seeking A Solution?

You've found typical budget creation strategies & managing money tips misaligned and not resonating with how you intend to live your life...

Our Financial Education and Financial Literacy Course will support anyone seeking positive financial shifts today. 

- With Financial Education and Financial Literacy, Anything Is Possible -

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Transitioning away from a paycheck to paycheck, lack mentality, scarcity mindset and revolving credit card lifestyle can be a daunting task.


That's why created this financial education and financial literacy course.


In our online financial education course you'll learn and implement simple steps to embrace the financial skills you'll need to create a life of passion.


"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." - Albert Einstein


Isn't it time you upleveled your financial literacy through financial education?


These student's finances were NOT on the right course to obtain their life's dreams, reach beyond financial mediocrity or Embrace Prosperity.


That was until they opted into our financial education and financial literacy course, implemented the financial education teachings and realized the enjoyment of strategic financial implementation that naturally comes with financial literacy.


Experience their amazing journeys now, your story could be next.

"I showed up in quite a bit of debt, trying to make decisions. I had some real Ah-Ha moments and realized that I needed to go outside and do the things that I loved doing. So I got on a plan, I paid off all of my debt, Which was Amazing! After I paid off my debt, I bought a van and traveled the country or a year. After that I started a company that builds vans for other people."

"I thought I knew it all and had all the financial literacy and financial education that I needed. But I had no idea about index accounts, living benefits, or how to budget like a badass! I've been budgeting for years and even I found some extra money for my future and the future of my kids. I was even able to update my money mindset, which really helped out our family, thank you!"

Oralynn Reeve

"Before I started this financial education course I thought your results were too good to be true. Now that my life is 180° in the opposite direction for the better and I couldn't be happier! Financial education can absolutely change your life! On top of that, it can't hurt... There's nothing bad that can come from this work. There's no risk only rewards, So Go For It!"


Start Your Journey, Begin Today!

Individual Use

10 Wealth Shifting Modules

Get Out of Debt 5-50 times Faster!

Find $100's you didn't know you had

Pay Off Mortgages in 5-7 Years or Less!

Debt to Wealth Resources

Improve your Credit by 100-200+ Points!

Create Guaranteed Lifetime Income!

Protection Against Medical Hardships!

Obtain Market Growth without Loss!

Lifetime Access

And Much, Much More...

Corporate Package

Increase Productivity

Increase Profitability

Decrease Turnover Rates

Decrease Healthcare Costs

Decrease Financial Stress in the Office

Create Financially Literate Employees

A Truly Unique Employee Benefit

Improve Company Culture

Improve Financial Stewardship

Increase Benefit Adoption Rate

Understand 401(k) Alternatives

Upgrade Your Financial Literacy with Financial Education, Today!

It's Not What You Make, It's What You Keep.

  • Ten Deep Diving Modules

    Get Out of Debt 5-50 times faster!

    Pay Off Your Mortgage in 7 years or less!

    Improve your Credit by 100-200+ points!

    Find $100's+ in your monthly expenses!

    Create Guaranteed Lifetime Income!

    Protect Against medical hardships!

    Obtain Market Growth w/out loss!

    And More Financial Literacy Tools...

  • Implementation Tools

    With these tools, your financial education and financial literacy journey will be more successful than ever!

  • Resources & Ongoing Bonuses

    There's more to Financial Education and Financial Literacy than just financial strategies. New tools and strategies will be added without extra costs so you can achieve the level of financial success you've always desired

Financial Education For All

With Financial Education and Financial Literacy,

Anything Is Possible

Financial Education and Financial Literacy = Financial Empowerment

  • Mindset Level Up

    You must value wealth and prosperity to be financially independent. Adopting a certain mindset is key.

  • Back On Track

    Eliminate student, credit card, auto, etc. debts 5 to 50 times faster - Stop Giving Your Money Away!

  • Financial Decisions

    Adopt a new approach to financial conversations and financial decision. Simple. Effective. Powerful.

  • Assure Retirement

    70% of Retirement Accounts will run out in 10 years or less. Know how to Make Your Retirement Last!

  • Values Budgeting

    If budgets don't align with your values, failure is certain! Utilize unique & proven methods for success.

  • Lock In Growth

    Integrate Favorable strategies to avoid Financial Hardships, Market Risks, Inflation, increasing Taxes!

Plant Seeds of Wealth Through Financial Education and Financial Literacy


Trevor Mickelson

Creator and Implementer of Dreams

Anyone who experiences trauma is gifted an equivalent size seed of opportunity and the potential to bring forth Universal Wisdom.


After experiencing many financial traumas I received and planted those seeds of Universal Wisdom for myself and have also taught my students how to do the same.


One seed yielded the Universal Wisdom to embrace financial education and financial literacy with a prosperity focused mindset.