What Is An Index Account?

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Tax Free Strategies Growth Without Market Losses • Lifetime Income

Tax Free Strategies Growth Without Market Losses • Lifetime Income

Tax Free Retirement Accounts, Index Accounts and Affordable 401(k) Alternative Options Are Here!


Tax Free Retirement Accounts and Index Accounts can be used Personally, for College Education Planning, Key Employee Bonus Programs, Business Exit Implementation and Company Wide Retirement Funding Solutions.


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The Facts

78% of Americans are living paycheck to Paycheck

Average retirement accounts will run dry in 7-10 years

#1 fear for those in retirement: Running Out Of Money

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  • A 1.33% Actual Market Return?

    A Dalbar Study stated that the average investor over 30 years only received a 3.98% return in their accounts, while Inflation increased by 2.65%. Learn about 401(k) Alternatives, now.

  • Increased Longevity During Retirement

    A male that reaches the age of 65 will have a 50% chance of living to age 95, while a female who reaches the age of 65 has a 75% chance of living to 95.

  • Retirement Savings Epidemic

    The average person starts saving for retirement at 53 with plans to retire at 65. These numbers don't add up with a high probability of living another 30 years in retirement.

  • Extreme Volatility In The Marketplace

    2001 and 2008 were detrimental years in the market and for people's retirement accounts. Experts say there's another correction coming, it's not IF, but WHEN.

  • All Time Low Retirement Savings

    According to Bankrate, 61% of Americans have no idea how much money they'll need to retire and 1 in 3 Americans have less than $5,000 saved for retirement. 

  • Life without Financial Education

    The vast majority of Americans received Zero financial education in School, from their Parents or community and yet are responsible for making their retirement funds last forever.

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